Krystal Resort Complaints Team – Watch Out for the “Concierge Call”

The Krystal Resort Complaints team shares that among the wide range of travel schemes, there have been reports of numerous tourists falling prey to the “Concierge call” scam. Krystal Resort Complaints team share that in the first place, this is a well-planned scam, sometime in participation with the hotel staff and works similar to this:

Krystal Resort Complaints team understands that you will arrive on vacation and want to make the best of your well-earned holiday.  Or, you could be on a business trip with demanding schedules throughout the day.  Either way, you are completely exhausted and just want to sleep at the end of the night.  You are nearly asleep and the phone rings – it is the hotel’s front desk and they need some clarification on your credit card.

Krystal Resort Complaints share that they may say that the number you have provided is perhaps wrong and they are unable to verify it.  Could you therefore, pull out your card and read out the number again?  You are answering a phone call and have no clue whether a con artist is at the other end posing as the front desk staff.  You are drowsy and if you part with the credit card information, you can be nearly certain that the person who spoke to you was not an employee of the hotel!

Krystal Resort Complaints have a solution:  Most credit card scams result from our own carelessness. Your credit card number and PIN number are sacred.  Except for valid reasons, never part with the information on phone or through other means.  Krystal Resort Complaints share that any respectable hotel can wait until you wake up the next morning to sort out a genuine problem with your card and you should go down in person to sort it out to confirm it is valid.




Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Team Explains How to Deal with an Irate Guest

Krystal Resort complaints prevention team has to deal with all the possible issues a guest might have. The types of complaints that they deal with vary widely. The types of people that complain also vary widely. It is important that the people who deal with the complaints know how to deal with different types of complaints and people.

Krystal Resort complaints prevention team knows that one of the hardest types of people to deal with is the angry complainer. This person will be loud and will try to create a scene. They will not be thinking as clearly and it will be harder to understand what they are complaining about and how they expect it to be resolved. It takes a lot of patience and a thick skin to deal with this person. There are some things that can be done to make it a little easier.

The most important thing that the team can do is remain calm. It will not help to get angry at the person who is already angry. That will escalate the situation instead of diffusing it. The Krystal Resort complaints prevention team knows that when you keep a calm demeanor it will help ease the anger of the other person. It is also important to listen carefully to what the individual is complaining about. This is difficult at times because the complaint of a person that is angry may not always make sense. It is up to the team to decipher what the root of the problem is. When they can do that they can resolve the issue and get the situation under control.


Krystal Resort Complaints Awareness Department Knows What to Do When it is Not a Guest that is Complaining

Krystal Resort Complaints Awareness Department understands that in the hotel, most of the employees know what to do if they have to deal with a guest complaint. If the problem for the guest is simple, the employee should be able to fix the issue and make the guest happy. If the problem is not something the employee can fix, they should know where to turn to get the person that can resolve the guest’s complaint. The question that some employees will have is what they are supposed to do when the complaint is not coming from a guest but is from the employee instead.

How the Krystal Resort Complaints Awareness Department Can Help

It really does not matter if a complaint is coming from a guest or from a hotel employee. It still needs to be resolved in some way. There may be an employee who notices that something another employee is doing or not doing could cause problems for the guests. If there is someone that can listen to the complaint of the employee it may help other guests. The employee should have some way to voice their complaints.

Do Not Do It During Staff Meetings

Some people who operate thee Krystal Resort Complaints Awareness Department will think that a staff meeting is the place to resolve the complaints of the employees. This is definitely not the right place. It is hard to control these situations and complaints are rarely resolved in this setting. Employee complaints should be handled in private to get the best results for the hotel.