Krystal Resort Complaints Team – Watch Out for the “Concierge Call”

The Krystal Resort Complaints team shares that among the wide range of travel schemes, there have been reports of numerous tourists falling prey to the “Concierge call” scam. Krystal Resort Complaints team share that in the first place, this is a well-planned scam, sometime in participation with the hotel staff and works similar to this:

Krystal Resort Complaints team understands that you will arrive on vacation and want to make the best of your well-earned holiday.  Or, you could be on a business trip with demanding schedules throughout the day.  Either way, you are completely exhausted and just want to sleep at the end of the night.  You are nearly asleep and the phone rings – it is the hotel’s front desk and they need some clarification on your credit card.

Krystal Resort Complaints share that they may say that the number you have provided is perhaps wrong and they are unable to verify it.  Could you therefore, pull out your card and read out the number again?  You are answering a phone call and have no clue whether a con artist is at the other end posing as the front desk staff.  You are drowsy and if you part with the credit card information, you can be nearly certain that the person who spoke to you was not an employee of the hotel!

Krystal Resort Complaints have a solution:  Most credit card scams result from our own carelessness. Your credit card number and PIN number are sacred.  Except for valid reasons, never part with the information on phone or through other means.  Krystal Resort Complaints share that any respectable hotel can wait until you wake up the next morning to sort out a genuine problem with your card and you should go down in person to sort it out to confirm it is valid.




Krystal Resort complaints Prevention Team Presents the Metro Ticket Scam

Krystal Resort complaints prevention team understands that if you decide to use a train to travel around in France, you are not alone. The metro stations are always crowded and can be very confusing places. In order to better serve the people at the stations, machines have been put in place that allow people to purchase their tickets. It can be much faster and more convenient to purchase tickets in this way.

The Krystal Resort complaints prevention team warns travelers that these machines open up an opportunity for scam artists to take advantage of the unknowing travelers. The scam usually works in a very basic way. A tourist will try to buy a ticket from the machine. The tourist will be struggling to read the instructions and the scam artist will approach and offer to help. The scam artist is able to easily complete the purchase for the tourist and hands them the ticket. That is where the problem begins.

It could be that the scam artist has managed to change the ticket from the more expensive multi day pass that the tourist thought they were getting to a one use ticket. The scam artist was able to pocket the money that the different tickets resulted in. Most tourists do not realize this has happened until they try to use the ticket a second time and they are informed of the problem.

Krystal Resort complaints prevention team knows that the best way to avoid this is to buy the tickets directly from the ticket agent at the counter. Unless you know how to use the machines, you need to turn to people you can trust to help you.


Krystal Resort complaints Prevention Team – Gadget Repair Scams

Krystal Resort complaints prevention team knows that when you visit a new place, you might have all sorts of things happen to you. For instance, one of your gadgets might break. This might be your phone, or your laptop, or something else. This calls for an immediate search for someone to fix it for you. The Krystal Resort complaints team however warns you to be careful when going for repairs.

The first thing you will do is look for a repair shop. Many people mistakenly go to the first service department they see and leave their device there. What happens next however is unpleasant. They tell you that your device is completely broken and beyond repair. They might tax you for the service of diagnosing it and keep the device or at least pay you a small sum as consolidation, while they keep it for parts. What you don’t know is that the device is actually repairable.

In order to avoid such scams, all you need to do is make sure that you do proper research about service shops in your area. The Krystal Resort complaints team suggests that you use the internet for that kind of thing. There is more than one forum where users will leave suggestions about proper repair shops. The internet is a vast place and holds a lot of information. You just need to be patient while looking.


Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Team Explains How to Deal with an Irate Guest

Krystal Resort complaints prevention team has to deal with all the possible issues a guest might have. The types of complaints that they deal with vary widely. The types of people that complain also vary widely. It is important that the people who deal with the complaints know how to deal with different types of complaints and people.

Krystal Resort complaints prevention team knows that one of the hardest types of people to deal with is the angry complainer. This person will be loud and will try to create a scene. They will not be thinking as clearly and it will be harder to understand what they are complaining about and how they expect it to be resolved. It takes a lot of patience and a thick skin to deal with this person. There are some things that can be done to make it a little easier.

The most important thing that the team can do is remain calm. It will not help to get angry at the person who is already angry. That will escalate the situation instead of diffusing it. The Krystal Resort complaints prevention team knows that when you keep a calm demeanor it will help ease the anger of the other person. It is also important to listen carefully to what the individual is complaining about. This is difficult at times because the complaint of a person that is angry may not always make sense. It is up to the team to decipher what the root of the problem is. When they can do that they can resolve the issue and get the situation under control.


Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Team – Complaints on the Internet

Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Team knows that guest complaints at hotels used to be a lot easier to deal with. If a guest had a complaint they would talk to someone at the hotel. That employee could work to resolve the problem of the guest that was right in front of them. The internet has changed the way that people complain and have given the Krystal Resort Complaint prevention team something new to worry about.


There are many forums that allow people to complain about a hotel on the internet. The hotel may not be aware that a guest is even mad about something that happened to them. If they never see or hear the complaint they cannot do anything to resolve it. That is why the Krystal Resort Complaint team has to develop new techniques to deal with guest complaints on the internet.


  • The Krystal Resort Complaint prevention team should monitor the internet sites where people post reviews of hotels for any negative information. If they do see a complaint, they should work to find out what the complaint is and find a way to fix it. They can also address the complaint on the website so others can see that it has been fixed.
  • The Krystal Resort Complaint prevention team should use the internet to field guest complaints. If they give the guests a place to complain on the internet, they will see what the problems are and be able to fix them.
  • Use a reputation management company. These companies monitor the internet for the hotel and can react  to any negative news that could hurt a hotel’s reputation. They can also do things to help a hotel build a good reputation.

Krystal Resort Complaints Awareness Department Knows What to Do When it is Not a Guest that is Complaining

Krystal Resort Complaints Awareness Department understands that in the hotel, most of the employees know what to do if they have to deal with a guest complaint. If the problem for the guest is simple, the employee should be able to fix the issue and make the guest happy. If the problem is not something the employee can fix, they should know where to turn to get the person that can resolve the guest’s complaint. The question that some employees will have is what they are supposed to do when the complaint is not coming from a guest but is from the employee instead.

How the Krystal Resort Complaints Awareness Department Can Help

It really does not matter if a complaint is coming from a guest or from a hotel employee. It still needs to be resolved in some way. There may be an employee who notices that something another employee is doing or not doing could cause problems for the guests. If there is someone that can listen to the complaint of the employee it may help other guests. The employee should have some way to voice their complaints.

Do Not Do It During Staff Meetings

Some people who operate thee Krystal Resort Complaints Awareness Department will think that a staff meeting is the place to resolve the complaints of the employees. This is definitely not the right place. It is hard to control these situations and complaints are rarely resolved in this setting. Employee complaints should be handled in private to get the best results for the hotel.


Krystal Resorts Complaints Team Shares How to Deal with the Complaints of an Irate Customer

The main thing that you need that Krystal Resorts Complaints team shares is to remember when faced with the complaints of an irate and disgruntled customer is that he or she is not attacking you on a personal level. It is greatly advised that you indulge these irate customers and listen to what they have to say without getting aggravated. That is because such an approach can be highly beneficial for your business and may also result in considerable satisfaction on part of the customer. Through simple listening, you will be able to pick up on the cause of unrest and aggravation on part of the customer. These complaints are all the natural part of business and the manner in which they are dealt with can spell the difference between success and failure of a venture.

Below are mentioned the most comfortable and easy steps to dealing with the complaints of an angry and furious customer from the Krystal Resorts Complaints team:

1. Apologize

It is vital that you apologize to the customer as soon as you get to the root and understand the cause of his or her unrest. Empathize with the customer and make him believe that you support him and are on his side. This can greatly aid in calming down the customer. Once it is done so, then you can once more tackle the complaint from your own perspective.

2. Try to Solve the Problem Faced by the Customer

If your customer certain animosity towards you in regards to his problem and has stated as to what will truly satisfy him, them make it your top priority to try to solve his problem. Use the maximum extent of abilities and authority present at your disposal. It shows that you are sincere in solving his problem. It shows that you are committed to solving his problem.

3. Make sure that you follow Up

Remember to follow up on the client after making whatever promises to resolve his complaints. This allows the customer to feel content knowing that you cared even if you were unable to locate a less than adequate resolution to the problem. It is an important step towards attaining customer satisfaction.

4. Learn from the Whole Situation

Once the crisis has passed, the last and integral step would be to learn from the whole situation. Learn what mistakes you made that caused the complaints to manifest and try to circumvent them in future dealings.